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ChannelMessaging - the easiest and most respectful way of communicating

In everything we do, the focus is always on the respect.
In everything we do, the focus is always on the respect. tellz.me™ offers clear and targeted communication. Assigning reading / writing / admin rights and not simply revealing all data such as making the phone number visible to everyone is an important part of the tellz.me™ app. Managing a volume of one to millions of users in one channel is possible with our tellz.me™ app. The questions associated with each action, whether the user wants to join a channel or a friend request must be confirmed, are important factors of a respectful interaction with each other.

SuperAdmin is the channel owner and creator.

The power of goal-oriented communication is priceless.
Use tellz.me™ as your personal news channel. Keep your customers targeted and up to date via your channel. Send pictures, texts, voice messages and videos via a secure data transfer. Only you decide who can receive your personal information. Interact with each of your channel users individually by assigning admin, writing, and / or reading rights depending on a particular person. Lead exciting discussions and make sure that your community grows.

Standard - all users may read, like or be directed to a shop website.

Use the power of information or a promotion and direct users towards an action. Use Likes to check how well your information arrives. Connect information with an action.
The best information is the one that is measurable.

You are free to choose!
Free use or paid versions up to the limitless communication.

How big is your communication volume?
If you are a user who just wants to receive information or wants to create from one to three channels with up to 10,000 users, then use our free and ad-free Community Version.
Are you an influencer, entrepreneur or distributor and you want to use the special kind of promotion? You need up to 50 channels in which you can manage uo to 30,000 users? Then the Premium Version for 9.99 € monthly is exactly the right thing.
You want ALL without limit? Also use the special features of the Follower.News? You want to use LOOKZ.me? Then the Premium+ Version version for 49,99 € monthly is the right tool and the first choice.

Communicate not alone? Then give individual users writing permissions and invite them to become part of the communication.

Share your strength, use the synergies. Operate targeted communication.
Conduct communications on various levels. You have a company with tens of thousands of employees and want to place information? You want to navigate and inform your organization in the sales department - without disturbances or negative comments? You have a restaurant, a mail order business, a shop or you are a member of an association, where you want to accompany every single user with topics without having to show all data of the user or their phone numbers? With tellz.me TM you can only see the number of users in a channel, but not who it is. Thus you can safely inform thousands of users. Use a promotion to take goal-oriented actions and direct users to an external website, online store or registration page, see point 4.

Create a promotion and forward the user externally.

Guide users to online trading or to a registration...
There are thousands of examples of the power of promotion modularity. The goal is to generate more contacts, more sales and use the power of the community.

Leverage rights management 
to manage thousands or even millions of users.

Give writing permission to all or only some users. Easily and conveniently via simple operation.
The tellz.me™ app is structured and developed with the intention to manage a huge community. It is the expertise of the tellz.me TM app that copes to administer the rights of millions of users and to manage each and every user individually. Use the community to get users into your channel, or invite them to follow your theme / channel and animate them to get even more users into your channel.

Present yourself in the community and draw attention to yourself.

Build a channel landing page, present your topic and draw attention to yourself. Encourage users to join your channel.
It is the diversity of different individuals that makes it so exciting to browse interesting channels. If you want to look up cooking tips, shops, products, people or just satisfy your curiosity, join different channels and show what you like.
Create your channel with the right keywords and see how much people like it. Enjoy the benefits of having a channel system that will grow through referrals. Everyone can recommend and rate your channel.

Or would you like your channel to be private?

You want a topic / channel in the entire community for private use only?
Make your channel private and only your directly invited or authorized users can participate. No one in the community can see your topic or channel.
You want to share a guided tour, inform your employees, share exclusive topics, club information or teacher information in a private area with selected persons? Then switch your channel to private. You decide!

Place a QR-Code on printed matter, advertisements or in social media.

Gain new users for your channel from the outside.
No matter whether the user has the tellz.me TM app on his mobile or not. Anyone scanning the QR code will be invited to and able to join your channel via the app or the web. Once scanned, everyone is automatically directed to your channel and can participate in the information with the reading option exclusively. You have several options in your channel settings.
For any user who chooses to join the channel externally via a QR code or a link, you can determine whether to automatically unlock the user for him to get into the channel or if you want to confirm each one separately.

Probably the most interesting way to draw attention to your topic.

An endless number of applications with extremely low space requirement for placing various vivid information. Whether advertisements, business cards, or stationery, newspapers, products, car advertising, social media, menus, front doors, flyers ... etc. make your messages vibrant and convince with innovations.